Pilot case

Digitalisation of CHEM-C2230 Surface Chemistry

Developing a better learning experience for students in CHEM-C2230.
Digitalisation of CHEM-C2230 Surface Chemistry

Pilot leader

Monika Österberg


School of Chemical Engineering


circa 100 student


2018 –


The aim of the pilot is to make the course CHEM-C2230 a better learning experience for students and to make the grading of the course exercises easier for the teaching staff via partial digitalization of the course content.

The three main focus points of the pilot are:

  • Homework exercises
  • Questions and tasks during lectures
  • The overall usability of the MyCourses pages of the course

Platforms and tools

Mainly MyCourses

Pedagogical methods

Quizes to be answered during lectures and as home assignments with direct feedback to students.

Calculus exercises with direct feedback and automatic checking.

Involved courses

CHEM-C2230 – Surface Chemistry (5 ECTS)


Monika Österberg
School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems
Pilot Leader

Lumi Ketola
Most of the practical work in MyCourses environment

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