Pilot case

Digitalizing lessons for the TUTA Systems Philosophy course

Supporting students in understanding strategies for reporting and in advancing their reports for the parent course.
Digitalizing lessons for the TUTA Systems Philosophy course

Pilot leader

Pia Lappalainen


School of Science


40 students


Jan 2020 – Dec 2020


This integrated course aims to meet both theoretical and practical aims: it supports students in understanding strategies for reporting. As the groups are always full, there seems to be too little time to actually guide the writing process. Digitalizing some of the more theoretical lessons would allow us to dedicate more time to concrete group work and process writing.

AIMS: Understanding academic strategies and conventions in reporting
Two 1-hour Panopto sessions will be recorded for self-study as pre-work for class. The sessions cover:
1) Academic style
2) Coherence, concision and flow

The Panopto sessions instruct the students for the next steps in their project work, to be done for class. Students demonstrate task completion by submitting session-related assignments for teacher feedback.

This course was designed to go hand in hand with the parent course organized by Prof Esa Saarinen. It means all the students were readility and willingly oriented towards the course themes and topics. They were also very apt in social setups, making collaboration and teamwork extremely smooth.

Platforms and tools

Panopto, Moodle, Teams, Zoom

Pedagogical methods

For prework and self-study

Involved courses

LC-1114 – Integrated English (3 ECTS)


Pia Lappalainen
Language Centre
Pilot leader

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