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Access to experience – utilizing professional projects in courses

Bringing industry experience into courses by using digital material of various experts involved in a design-driven innovation project.
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Pilot leader

Satu Rekonen
Tua Björklund


School of Engineering, School of Science


Approximately 390 students


Autumn 2019 – Aug 2020


We have now gathered approximately 6 hours of video-material on two product development projects of ABB Marine (Pilot Vision and Pilot Control) that have been both strategically significant and succeeded in launching a (radically) new product within a year from the start of the project, on top of more than 20hrs of research interviews pertinent to the case we can draw from. The rich material of these cases offers one of a kind opportunity for developing exhaustive teaching case videos on themes relevant for (design-driven) innovation such as: cross-disciplinary collaboration, co-creation, management of design-driven innovation projects, user testing and prototyping. With the help of these teaching videos, the students get to dive deep into unfolding of design-driven innovation projects and understand what were the enablers and hindrances at different phases of the projects. In total, we are planning to make videos approximately on 10 different themes, which all would include both shorter and longer versions depending on will they be used in distance or classroom teaching. Due to the rich data and various perspectives brought by the different professionals interviewed for the videos, the material can be linked to various theoretical frameworks and be widely utilised in different courses to bring theory to practice. The case pertains to design, digitalization and innovation management, and is thus relevant to several key foci of the university.

Platforms and tools

Platform for online lesson plans including videos and recommended exercises and readings.

Pedagogical methods

Case-based reflection utilizing videoed interviews of professionals on a design-driven innovation project and applicative exercises.

Involved courses

TU-E2030 –  Advanced Project-based Management (3 ECTS)

TU-E2120 – Project Business Course (3 ECTS)

MEC-E3001 – Product Development Project (PDP) L (10 ECTS)

AAN-C1003 – Professional Development (5 ECTS)

FiTech Project Management -courses

Joint teaching experiments with the 29 platforms of the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN).


Satu Rekonen
School of Science, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Pilot leader

Tua Björklund
School of Engineering, Design Factory
Pilot leader

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