Pilot case

Flipped Learning German

Creating tailored blended learning modules for beginners’ courses in German.
Flipped Learning German

Pilot leader

Pauli Kudel


Language Centre


25 students


Dec 2017 – Dec 2018


“Flipped learning German” aims to create tailored blended learning modules enabling Aalto students to more flexibly leverage the benefits of a flipped classroom approach.

Through the pilot we want to offer a large component of the course in an online environment, (i.e. not only supplementary exercises), allowing students to study autonomously at their own pace.

This approach will free up classroom time for communicative interaction, thereby maximizing opportunities for students to brush up their oral skills in a group scenario.

We also strive to create richer online content: students currently have only one face-to-face lesson per week. With the new pilot, the online module offers diverse, communicative content that is closer to lively classroom work than traditional web exercises.

We also want to cater to the special needs of foreign students more comprehensively (all online content is available in two languages) and initiate a long-term paradigm shift in learning culture in German courses, with a focus on greater flexibility, autonomy and tailored needs.

Platforms and tools

  • MyCourses
  • Adobe Connect
  • Panopto
  • Quizlet
  • videos
  • automatic checking of exercises
  • Flipped learning

Involved courses

LC-6001 – Saksa 1 – työelämän saksaa (3 ECTS)
LC-6002 – Saksa 2 – työelämän saksaa (3 ECTS)
LC-6011 – Deutsch 3 – työelämän saksaa (3 ECTS)


Pauli Kudel
Language Centre
Pilot leader

Arja Blanco
Language Centre

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