Pilot case

Statistics continuation course at BIZ

Enhancing the use of online material in the Statistics continuation course.
Statistics continuation course at BIZ

Pilot leader

Panu Erästö


School of Business


circa 100 students


Aug 2017 – 2018


This pilot enhances the use of online material in the Statistics continuation course (Tilastotieteen jatkokurssi 6 cr) given at Aalto BIZ. Goals of the pilot are:

  • To build an interactive learning material (a book) containing the relevant content of the course in finnish to be used in blended online learning as well as general resource book for the students of the course. The material is written under TIM platform containing also interactive elements such as interactive plots (using Octave) and optionally some quizzes.
  • To build an extensive and progressive set of automatically graded exercises in MyCourses platform with solutions to encourage and enhance the learning. With a smart use of these exercises these exercise sets provide an excellent tool for mastery and deep learning similar to earlier succesful Business Analytics pilot. These exercises contain many different types of exercises with varying context from theoretical questions to more wider practical real life problems,
  • To increase the knowledge and use culture of TIM platform and develop new ways of using the interactive online elements such as Octave and R demos and simulations.

Platforms and tools

Interactive online course material is prepared using the TIM (The Interactive Material) platform. In addition to this, an extensive set of automatically graded exercises are prepared under MyCourses platform. Additionally, a completely new possibility of harnessing R environment to be used in automatically graded exercises is investigated.

In the course at least Excel is been used and possibly later SPSS statistical software is being included. Additionally we investigate to utilize MOOC grader system of the Department of Computer Science using R together with MyCourses through Astra plugin. This is a potential spin-off project in co-operation with the Tomi Janhunen and Markku Riekkinen from the department of Computer Science.

Involved courses

30C00600 – Continuation course in statistics (6 ECTS)


Panu Erästö
School of Business, Department of Information and Service Economy
Pilot leader

Pasi Sarolahti
TIM administration

Eero Sipinen

Tommi Raita

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