Pilot case

Virtual laboratory safety course at Aalto (VisA?)

Enhancing the efficiency of laboratory safety training at Aalto CHEM.
Virtual laboratory safety course at Aalto (VisA?)

Pilot leader

Päivi Laaksonen


School of Chemical Engineering


300 students


Mar 2018 – Nov 2018


VisA! aims at enhancing the efficiency of laboratory safety training at Aalto CHEM. In the pilot, we will develop a 100% digital online Laboratory safety course for bachelor and master students that will partially replace the current laborious course realization. In long term, we aim at a wider coverage of the lab safety training, by offering the VisA? safety course also for research staff.

Platforms and tools

Our collaborator Visumo Oy will provide the 360 platform for creating the virtual laboratory space. The study materials will be embedded in the 360 space as text, images, videos and interactive games. The following software and platforms will be used for creating the contents: Youtube, Word, Adobe CC, Excel, Paint, GIMP2, H5P etc.

Pedagogical methods

Students will explore the virtual laboratory and familiarise themselves with the provided materials in the forms of PDFs, text, videos and mini games. The materials will be placed logically in realistic places in the laboratory space, which will help the students to digest and learn.The final value will be a multiple choice exam including immediate feedback.

Involved courses

CHEM-E0140 – Laboratory Safety Course


Päivi Laaksonen
Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems, Nanostructures and Materials
Pilot leader

Kirsi Yliniemi

Minna Nieminen

Adel Assad
Content developer

Panu Viitaharju
Content developer

Päivikki Repo

Jarmo Tanskanen
Contact at Visumo Oy

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