Pilot case

InBookModE (Interactive Book and Model Environment)

Development and implemention of an online interactive learning platform that integrates the information and knowledge about Architecture Engineering and Construction captured in Building Information Modeling tools.
InBookModE (Interactive Book and Model Environment)

Pilot leader

Vishal Singh


School of Engineering


circa 100 students


2016 – 2017


Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become a central element of Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) related teaching and practice. BIM refers to product data models, which include information-rich 3D representation and visualization of the physical world in the virtual world. BIM tools have become a knowledge resource that not only require teaching and learning in terms of their efficient use, but BIM tools can also become a good source of interactive learning about the core domain area (e.g. architecture, civil engineering, mechanical services, etc). However, effective teaching and learning in the context of BIM and core domain knowledge remains a critical gap. We address this gap.

Our research opens up new directions for learning technologies in AEC by investigating the effects of combining three complementary and potentially transformative technologies: (1) interactive 3D ebooks, (2) BIM technologies (digital/ product modeling), and (3) Semantic web (linked data) technologies (information and knowledge management).

Our aims and practical goals are:

1. Develop and implement of an online interactive learning platform that integrates the information and knowledge about AEC captured in BIM tools, with the information and knowledge encoded in textbooks.

2. Using InBookMode as the media through which the knowledge encoded in BIM applications can explain the concepts in AEC/FM domain via direct interaction with 3D models and related digital information.

3. Combine the interactivity and usability of ebooks with BIM applications .

4. Connect the developed platform (InBookMode) with learning assessment tools to be able to monitor and guide the progress of students using InBookMode.

5. Create the basis for a long-term goal of creating a digital repository of interactive BIM case studies (using InBookMode as authoring tool)

Involved courses

RAK-C3003 – Tietoyhdennetty rakentaminen (Undergraduate Course: Building Information Modeling in Construction Management) (5 ECTS)
CIV-E2010 – Building Information Modelling in Construction (5 ECTS)
RAK-C3002 – Project Course on Computational Methods in Engineering (5 ECTS)


Vishal Singh
School of Engineering, Department of Built Environment
Pilot leader

Saeid Khorsand

Xi Liu

Sunil Suwal

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