Pilot case

Kirjoitusviestinnän digimateriaalit / Academic writing digimaterials

Producing video materials and online tasks on academic writing.
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Pilot leader

Jepa Piirainen


Language Centre


300 students


Aug 2019 – Mar 2020


Goal of the pilot is to produce video materials and online assignments on academic writing (structure and process of academic text, peculiarities of academic text etc.) for many purposes: in the bachelor seminars we’ll change the teaching method from traditional lecturing to interactive learning and the material will be used also in academic writing courses in Aalto and other universities and in university pedagogy courses in Aalto.

Platforms and tools

PanOpto, MyCourses

Pedagogical methods

Different kinds of materials and assignments can be attached to the videos. In our target courses the students are reflecting their own attitudes, knowledge and skills based on the videos.

Involved courses

ENG3042.kand – Kandidaatintyö ja seminaari (1 ECTS)

ENG3044.kand – Kandidaatintyö ja seminaari (1 ECTS)

LC-7108 – Kirjoita asiantuntevasti (2 ECTS)


Jepa Piirainen
Language Center
Pilot leader

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