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Documentation and Archiving in Studio-Based Teaching

We aim at creating a usable way for students and teachers to document and archive the process and outcomes of courses and projects in the Contemporary Design Master Program (CoDe).
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Pilot leader

Gianluca Giabardo


School of Arts Design and Architecture


Sept 2019 – Mar 2020


Contemporary Design MA is a new program that is now entering its second year. Across most of our courses, we require students to document their process through the use of different media (video, photo, audio, 3D, etc.) and by keeping a physical/digital learning diary. We currently find challenging for both the teachers and students to keep an organized track of all the material that is produced in the different courses as well as archiving it for future reference and use. This project is planning to find ways to close this gap.

That’s why we wish to embed documenting and archiving methods in our teaching, and we plan to deploy the tools to enable-it because we believe that both students and staff would benefit from learning this ‘new’ way of doing. Also, there would be enhanced internal visibility of what is/has been going on across different courses and years.

Platforms and tools

We plan to develop and deploy an ad-hoc database and interface.

Pedagogical methods

The two pilot courses will use documentation and reflection as a corel part of the course outcomes.
We will test the digital platform with the students and iterate it based on our (students/teachers) experiences.

The two courses we have selected to pilot this proposal have very different number of students attending we will thus try to prepare the platform for different usages and interactions (e.g. Individual submissions vs group submissions) as well as gather clustered feedback to see if there are modifications or improvements that will cater to specific courses sizes and structures but not to others.

We will also review the results in our CoDe staff meetings and tune the platform so it will be possible for it to serve all of our courses in the future.


Gianluca Giabardo
School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Design 
Pilot leader

Maarit Mäkelä
School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Design
Head of Program

Julia Lohmann
School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Design 

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