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Online German Modules for Special Purposes II

Creating more online modules for integrating in our courses as self-study-materials.
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Pilot leader

Hans-Joachim Schulze
Caren Schröder


Language Centre, School of Arts Design and Architecture, School of Business, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, School of Science


Aug 2020 – Dec 2020


As part of the strategy of the Language Centre to reorganize the language courses and to offer from 2020 more courses for students from all schools (and less special courses), we (the german teachers) decided to reorganize our courses also. This reorganization means, that we will reduce our course-offer. In the future our courses will offer more general contents for students from different backgrounds.

Our students will still have a need for material from their own area (BIZ, TEC, ARTS). That’s why we plan to create more different kinds of moduls for special purposes to integrate them in our courses as self-study-material. This moduls will be for german courses from level B1 – C1 and in digital form (f.e. videos, interviews with natives).

The modules will have an extent of about 0,5 credits/level. So, this means a minimum of 2 credits all in all.

Platforms and tools

MyCourses, Panopto, ThingLink, H5P

Pedagogical methods

The online resources will be applied through the blended learning-method.


Hans-Joachim Schulze
Language Centre
Pilot leader

Caren Schröder
Language Centre
Pilot leader

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