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The goal is to create a new comprehensive approach to R-CAx education (Computer-aided technologies for Civil Engineering; including here CAD and CAE (Design and Engineering)).
R-CAD pilot picture

Pilot leader

Jarkko Niiranen
Athanasios Markou


School of Engineering


470 students


Aug 2019 – Mar 2020


The aim is to move the focus of teaching from the routine-like use of CAD/BIM/FEM-software to the basics of engineering design and modeling.

This is achieved by using checkers and appropriate pedagogical methods, as well as the development of educational material.

In the first phase of the R-CAD pilot (2018-19), the following things have been done:

– AutoCad checker has been programmed.

– AutoCad checker has been tested in the Spring course.

– Bachelor’s thesis “CAD Model Quality and Checkers” has been done by Eero Peltoniemi.

– Teaching of the new FEM-program, RFEM, have been implemented.

– Teaching material has been created and/or updated.

The second phase of R-CAx-pilot (2019-20) has two parts:

A)   Technical drawing by AutoCAD (augmenting the first pilot phase)

B)   Finite element modelling by RFEM (the new pilot)

Platforms and tools

Autodesk AutoCAD

Pedagogical methods

Self-study, e-learning, peer review and support.

Involved courses

ENG-A1001 – Tietokoneavusteiset työkalut insinööritieteissä (Computer-Aided Tools in Engineering) (5 ECTS)

CIV-E1020 – Mechanics of Beam and Frame Structures (5 ECTS)


Jarkko Niiranen
School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Pilot leader

Athanasios Markou
School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Pilot leader

Risto Syrjä
School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Research Assistant

Eero Peltoniemi
School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Research Assistant

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