Aalto BIZ Entrepreneurship

The objective of the pilot project is to combining both online learning with face-to-face classroom to both Bachelor and Master level courses of BIZ Entrepreneurship.


The objective of the pilot project is two-fold. First, we will develop an online version of the Bachelor level course Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. The course will be offered in both semesters in each academic year for a growing number of students from all Aalto schools. The goal is that the student can flexibly study either fully online or in a blended learning approach, combining online materials with lectures and exercises. Second, we will add a blended learning approach to the Master’s level course Venture Ideation, which is available to all Aalto Master’s students through the Aalto Ventures Program. We will apply the Sandpit platform (www.sandpit.cc) to facilitate students’ business idea development processes. The joint objective of these developments is to offer high-quality entrepreneurship courses to as many Aalto students as possible and to cater to the students’ need for flexibility in the curriculum.


  • Teemu Kautonen
  • Johannes Gartner
  • Myrto Chliova

Contact information: firstname.lastname@aalto.fi


Tools used

the Sandpit platform (www.sandpit.cc)