Pilot case

Learning Swedish in 360° environments

Learning Swedish in authentic environments that you cannot access in the traditional classroom.
A screenshot of 360 degree picture showcasing a workshop environment.

Pilot leader

Taija Votkin
Sofia Sevón


Language Centre


2018 – 2019


This pilot will provide diverse online learning opportunities for our students. The videos can be used both in the classroom and outside the classroom. The use of 360° environments in language teaching is new and unexplored. We believe that it will bring increased value and motivation for our students.

The following skills are examples of what students can practice by using the material:

  • Giving instructions, for example regarding safety
  • Discussing, describing, analyzing and small talking about and in environments
  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension – inserted texts
  • Pronunciation – listening to specific words when seeing them in the context
  • Vocabulary – inserted words in the context

Platforms and tools

3D-cameras, ThingLink, 2D videos, different presentation tools such as Prezi and Adobe Spark

Pedagogical methods

3D environments will be included in the course material in all Swedish courses. Some material is suitable for all courses and some are subject specific, such as workshops for different fields. The material is suitable for content-based and task-based learning.

Involved courses

The ThingLink environments will be connected to smartsvenska.aalto.fi . It is still under construction. This site will serve all Aalto students learning Swedish. It is not connected to any specific course.


Taija Votkin
Language Centre
Pilot leader

Sofia Sevón
Language Centre
Pilot leader

Jere Savolainen
360° filming

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