Pilot case

Auto-Auto-Biographic VR

Auto-Auto-Biographic aims to complement the existing curriculum, helping students have an overview of their professional development and choices that affect their future careers.
Black VR goggles on light background.

Pilot leader

Jana Pejoska


School of Arts Design and Architecture


Autumn 2019 – Apr 2020


Essentially, the goal of this project is to provide the students a way to experience their study interests and motivations for professional development. It also aims to explore the ways of designing VR for meaningful learning experiences for it’s users. Particular attention is placed on experimenting with designing environments for conveying information in VR, exploring ways of interacting with relevant information and media.

Platforms and tools

The project is using a VR headset to access a designed simulation which provides interactive experience, relevant for the student.

Pedagogical methods

Situated Learning and Post-Phenomenological approaches.


Jana Pejoska
School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Media
Pilot leader

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