Pilot case

IDBM Blended Minor

Through our inclusive movement we show how blending disciplines and technologies enables students to reclaim ownership of their learning.
IDBM Blended Minor

Pilot leader

Miikka J. “Manta Ray” Lehtonen


School of Business


70 students


Aug 2018 – Dec 2018


IDBM Blended Minor is all about combining IDBM’s rich history in active, multidisciplinary teaching with contemporary digital tools to create a first in the world learning experience. The idea here is to expand on the IDBM Challenge and Masterclass combination by creating a fully-fledged blended minor that students can take regardless of their physical location. As such, we are creating a new minor program here that builds on existing courses to make the institutional transition as smooth as possible.

Basically we are asking ourselves here “would it not be cool if IDBM offered a blended minor program that would bring learning where the students are in an active fashion?”, and that is what guides our vision and work here. On a more practical level, we imagine this blended minor to offer other teachers and faculty in Aalto and internationally a benchmark for their own activities. Our aim is to document our process – as is the case with IDBM Challenge – so others would not have to go through the troubles of figuring out how to make things work. Instead, and we hope, they would build on our work by improving what we created in the first place.

Platforms and tools

Vimeo, Squarespace, MS Teams, YouTube, Slack, WhatsApp, Glue

Pedagogical methods

The workshops focus on activating and embodying knowledge, the online resources help us taking the university where the students are.

Involved courses

IDBM Challenge, IDBM Service Project, IDBM Capstone, 25 ECTS


Miikka J. “Manta Ray” Lehtonen
BIZ/MIB/IDBM, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Design
Pilot leader

Niina Nurmi
School of Business, Department of Management Studies

Emma Nordbäck
School of Business, Department of Management Studies

Jiaying “Jellyfish” Chew
School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Design

Adithya “Armadillo” Varadarajan

Kalle “Kobra K” Kataila

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