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Suomi +

Making online learning collaborative, social and fun.
Suomi +

Pilot leader

Aija Elg


Language Centre


May 2018 –


Suomi+ is an online platform to support learning the Finnish language that makes online learning collaborative, social and fun. Our mission is to make fireworks in your brain when using our platform. We want to make it addictive.

We think that music is the common language of humans and good songs and music resonate for a long time in the mind. They are liked by a wide spectrum of different people. This is a wellbeing product that, in addition to songs, uses a series of cartoons, comics and other videos that convey stories and we love to learn from stories. These high-quality learning sources on the internet are like a treasure for language learners when they are filtered out and served properly in a convenient platform to suit learners needs.

A group of enthusiastic Finnish language students is selected to use this platform in addition to their courses that are mentioned above which are taught by the lecturer at Aalto Aija Elg. Some selected students support their Finnish learning by using Suomea+ and following the suggested learning instructions. They watch the topic, read the study material, take the quiz and ask questions to learners fellows and reply to others. Students increase the number of the words that they have learned and get badges as they progress in learning.

Goals of the pilot

  • Evaluate user experience
  • Assess the influence of this platform on learning experience and outcome
  • Prioritize future development based on users feedbacks
  • Assess the quality of the learnings materials and get insights about selecting more fun materials

Platforms and tools

Aalto OpenLearning – Learning environment

Involved courses

LC-7003 – Survival Finnish Online (1 ECTS)
Kie-98.7010 – Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture (2 ECTS)
Introductory Finnish, Aalto Open Learning


Aija Elg
Language Centre
Pilot leader

Alaa Al Barazi
Developer and Idea Creator

Guo Liang
Developer and Idea Creator

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