Pilot case

Rhinoceros 3D for Designers

Providing online material for a basic surface modeling course for designers.
3D model of two rings.

Pilot leader

Severi Uusitalo


School of Arts Design and Architecture


36 students




Goal of this pilot is to provide basic surface modeling course for designers, in the form of a course utilizing approximately 50% less of contact teaching than in current course (currently approx 35hrs/student + 35 hrs individual learning). The material should provide students and faculty a less teaching-resource-intensive and more individual way (than the current) to acquire skills and credits in Rhino 3D.

This pilot will include the production of:

  • Individual wiki-tutorials with linking descriptive material
  • Assignment descriptions with grading guidelines
  • Overall grading guidelines
  • Tutorials

Platforms and tools

The student is expected to have access to Rhinoceros 3D software.

Course content is mainly or totally based on Aalto wikis, thus access to content requires only a regular browser, mobile or computer. There may be references to tutorial in other web sources but the content provided by the course should be sufficient for enabling student to gain basis for individual further learning and rapid development of skills and understanding in surface modeling.

Involved courses

MUO-C3000 – Muotoilun työprosessit (3 ECTS)


Severi Uusitalo
School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Design
Pilot leader

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