Pilot case

CloudScape: Scalable and Personalized Teaching in Cloud Computing

Creating online material for teaching Mobile Cloud Computing.

Pilot leader

Mario di Francisco


School of Science


94 students


2017 – 2018


This pilot aims to realize online learning material, personalized exercises and tools for automated grading in the context of cloud computing education.

Motivation for this project is to accommodate many students with diverse backgrounds in the course, and build skills that can be used in project work.

Platforms and tools

  • A+
  • Appium
  • Android SDK/Emulator

Involved courses

CS-E4100  – Mobile Cloud Computing (5 ECTS)


Mario Di Francesco
School of Science, Department of Computer Science
Pilot leader

Daniel Bruzual
School of Science, Department of Computer Science
System developer and course assistant

Manoj Kumar
System developer

Prasant Sukumar
System developer and editor

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