Digital Art Online Course / Digitaalinen maalaus ja vektorikuvitus

Goal of this project is to create a quality online course for digital art and a working and inspirational self-assessment system.


The online course is an introductory course to three areas of digital art:

  • Digital painting and drawing
  • Vector illustration
  • Image manipulation

The assignments are designed so that the course teaches the basics of graphic technology and also serves as an introduction to observational painting and drawing and vector illustration.
The course is an open MOOC and taught in Finnish.
The course is beneficial to all people who are interested in art, design and visual communication:

  • Art and design students of all levels
  • Visual communication and marketing students
  • Tech students interested in technical illustration
  • Professional artists and designers who want to get more skillful in digital technology
  • Art teachers
  • High school / vocational college students interested in visual professions in art, design or game and other entertainment industries

Important part of the course is the design of an interactive self-assessment form so that the student can easily and engagingly follow his/her learning outcomes.
The self-assessment form is also a tool for the course teacher to assess the degree students of Aalto for credits.


  • Heikka Valja, Department of Art