Aalto Online Learning (A!OLE) pioneers online/blended learning experiences at the Aalto University with improved learning results.

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For teachers

If you have a great idea on how to support learning via online means, we will help making it to reality. New A!OLE pilots are gathered twice a year via calls for ideas. The next call for idea proposals will be in October 2018, please submit your ideas.

For all

We look forward to hear suggestions from students and faculty – from all Aalto people – on how the Aalto University can support your learning as a blend of online and classroom teaching. Our next A!OLE call for ideas in October 2018 is looking for your proposals – please submit your ideas!.

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Teaching Lab Studio Week

Date: Mon 14 January-Fri 18 January
Time: 09:00-16:00
Place: F101, Väre
Otaniementie 14, Espoo
Type: Public event

Changing educational culture

“Digitalization of education is a highly complex process. An obvious, yet nontrivial step is to produce high quality online learning contents, e.g., online textbooks, presentations with audio explanations, video tutorials, animations, and interactive learning contents like simulation tools and automatically assessed exercises. Moreover, another set of challenges is introduced when transforming current practices in the teaching/learning processes (communications, team working and grading into a digital form) for online learning settings. Both areas include considerable learning curves for the university staff with a varying range of ICT skills.” [1]

Vision and goals

“Our vision and goals for the next four years, and beyond are:

  1. a networked community of teachers that are willing to coach each other, and also to be coached on creating online learning contents, methods and tooling.
  2. in next three to four years a set of a few hundred pilots—making the annual pilot amount to be around 50—that implement and evaluate ideas iteratively into courses, both to existing ones and to newly created.
  3. a core set of selected and developed platforms tightly related to themes, and where our internal and external expert network forms a strong basis for support and further development
  4. online guidebooks and intensive workshops that support both using suitable pedagogical models, online platforms and tooling, and also creating of them in an iterative fashion
  5. tested concepts for
    a. different educational settings to be used either out-of-the-shelf or with minimal tailoring
    b. supporting learning of teachers” [1]